2 thoughts on “Jennifer Lees-Marshment | Failure of the Flag Referendum: Lessons for Public Engagement”

  1. In layman’s terms, the people saw the whole fiasco as Prime Minister Key’s personal egotistical project that was forced on us for no other reason than to further his goal to gild a personal legacy.
    He ignored initial polls indicating that we didn’t want to change the flag; he imposed and shamelessly promoted his own choice above that of the one the public initially chose – Fern, Southern Cross, red background; he inveigled top sportsmen and women to promote his agenda; there was no voice given to anyone who opposed changing the flag; the media (who should have remained neutral) unashamedly backed the Prime Ministers drive for change; plus the flag choices given were as has been described, just like business logo’s; lastly, the $26,000,000 + cost was seen as exorbitant for something we didn’t really want.
    We saw through it all and voted accordingly.


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